Why? – Good Question!

Neglecting the necessary repairs.

When potential buyers walk into your property you want them to see all the positive aspects your property has to offer, rather than be bogged down and preoccupied with the negatives.

The purchase price you could receive is compromised if you don’t remedy repairs before you list your house.  It’s less costly to fix things ahead of time, rather than have buyers see all of your home’s faults at the open house.

Sometimes, when you have lived in a property for a while, it is hard to see what could be diminishing your property’s appeal – that is where a fresh pair of eyes can really help you out.

Simply Staged will identify the areas that are worth your while to repair before your buyers start pointing them out!

Do you need to “tidy up” before you list?

Clutter eats equity and kills deals!  By creating a sense of spaciousness through de-cluttering and clearing away excess items from your home could potentially gain you thousands of dollars in return.

From the kitchen counter tops to the overstuffed wardrobes, to the kids toys and garage space – taking the time to sort out what areas need attention is well worth the effort in dollars returned at the point of sale.

Some buyers can’t see the big picture so you want to sell it to them!  We can recommend where you can clear away the excess and you may decide to do this yourself or you may prefer that we help you out – which ever way you prefer to go Simply Staged can give you the advice or the help you need.